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Product Name: Mannitol
Product Type: Food and feed additives -> Food additives
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Post Time: 2010-07-26
Description: Character: White crystal powder, no smell, sweet and dissolve in water, hardly dissolve in ethanol or aether. Main Application: In medicine industry: Mannitol injection can reduce intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure, eliminate hydrocephalus, diuresis and it can prevent blood pressure from rising, arteriosclerosis, brain fever and it also has definite effect for curing diabetes mellitus; In addition, mannitol is usually used as auxiliary material for manufacturing medicine. In microbiology, mannitol is good culture medium for some microbe. In compound chemical industry, mannitol is one of important raw materials to manufacture mannitol compound fatty acid, mannitol-PPG and monostearafe. In food industry, mannitol is usually used as food additive. In other industries, mannitol is used as inhibitor and emulsifying agent that is applicable for many fields such as agriculture and textile etc. Standard: Chinese Pharmacopeia Standard 2000 Edition; USP24; BP 1998 Packaging: 25kg/compound bag or cardboard drum; As client''s required
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