Qingdao Haizhijiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Name:Qingdao Haizhijiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd
About Us
Qingdao Haizhijiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd: 1. Established in 1998, is a Conglomerates mainly involved in Spirulina and Chlorella cultivation, scientific research, Production and sales, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Spirulina and Chlorella products in China. 2. Total 7 cultivation Plant, the area of our cultivation farm reaches to 1000, 000m2, three of them are located in North China-Inner Mongolia, four of them are located in Southest China--Hainan Island, where both enjoys full sunshine, pure atmosphere all year around and far away from any pollution. The annul output is about 1000MTS Spirulina and 150MTS Chlorella. 3. On basis of the base products, we newly explored extracted products under the help of the experts power: Phycocyanin Polysacchride After a l..
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