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Product Name: Carrageenan
Product Type: Food and feed additives -> Food additives
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Post Time: 2010-07-27
Description: Refined The essential difference in the refining process is that the carrageenan is dissolved and filtered to remove cell wall debris. The clear solution is then precipitated either by alcohol or by potassium chloride Semi refined This is only performed using Eucheuma cottonii or Eucheuma spinosum. The raw weed is first sorted and crude contaminants removed by hand. The weed is then washed to remove salt and sand, and then cooked in hot alkali to increase the gel strength. The cooked weed is washed, dried and milled. Eucheuma spinosum undergoes a much milder cooking cycle as it dissolves quite readily. The product is called semi refined carrageenan, Philippines natural grade or, in the USA, it simply falls under the common carrageenan specification Carrageenan Refined Properties: Specification Appearance: Odorless, white to cream powder Total Ash (%): ≤ 30 Loss on drying (%): ≤ 15 Viscosity (pa. S): ≥ 0.01 Sulfate Ester (%): 15-40 Acide Insoluble Substance (%): ≤ 1 As (%): ≤ 0.0002 Pb (%): ≤ 0.001
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